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How many of us out there ask ourselves, ‘gee, how much do I really know about the people behind this design I’m wearing?’. No one? Well, you bloody well should.

Here at BYO we decided to venture into the realm of interviews, unedited of course, so we could get to know a little more of the people that we share this lovely planet of ours with. No, this is not a Humans-of-New-York-inspirational-shit type-a-thing. This is just us sitting down and having conversations with some awesome people. The inspirational part is optional.

Our first victim candidate is Harley Woolven.

Harley is a jewellery designer and the man behind Black De Ville. When he was 11 years old he spotted a ring and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Ever since then he’s been feeding his curiosity and creativity in the jewellery design game and has not looked back.

BYO sat down with the Northern Beaches local to discuss what makes him laugh, his take on getting older and overall the creative mind behind the designs.

Have a listen.

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